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Here’s what some of our clients have to say about how we’ve helped them
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Pride Fitness, Health & Wellness :: Client Testimonials

With the onset of osteoporosis a few years ago as I entered my mid-50’s, and after experiencing muscular pain in my shoulders and back, as well as a noticeable decline in my posture, I recognized the need to improve my upper body strength and endurance. I was, however, concerned about proper technique and felt I needed guidance. I researched personal trainers in the Barrie area and after receiving a very positive recommendation about Robyn, decided to engage her services.

She comes to my home two mornings a week for an hour each session. My husband Rick decided to join us and it works wonderfully! While there is a definite focus on upper body strength and endurance, Robyn designs her routines to work the entire body, including cardio. Her routines are always varied from session to session and give both Rick and me a great workout, always including exercises that we can do on the days she isn’t with us. She is very organized, knowledgeable and informative, paying close attention to our form and technique. The payoff? After two months of working with Robyn, at ages 67 and 59 respectively, Rick and I both see a significant improvement in our individual strengths and my posture, has definitely improved. We definitely intend to keep up our sessions with Robyn and recommend her services as a positive influence towards good health.

Kim & Rick – Barrie, ON

December 2017

Your one on one personal training has helped me in so many ways. I knew once I turned 45 (a few years ago) I would need to change my habits. Now, thanks to you, I am stronger, healthier and my blood pressure & cholesterol are back to normal. I have so much more energy than before.

Thank you so much for your support and coaching.

Kelly – Orillia, ON

November 2017

Pride Fitness, Health & Wellness :: Client Testimonials

Pride Fitness, Health & Wellness :: Client Testimonials

I am loving your on-line exercise program even though I am totally old and weak. But with each day it’s getting better and I’m getting stronger and have already lost 10lbs.

Deb B. – Cincinnati, OH

November 2017

Boot Camp Bliss! And by bliss I mean a fun kind of torture. Robyn’s Boot Camp classes are beneficial to the whole body while being uplifting for the soul.  As someone that doesn’t like to exercise, I would highly recommend Robyn’s classes because it doesn’t matter what level you are at, you can do it. Robyn has a variety of programs and each exercise can be modified if needed. Plus, you will notice quickly how your stamina improves. Robyn knows her stuff.  And she is just radiant so why not spend more time with her?!

Christina Q. – Orillia, ON

November 2017

Pride Fitness, Health & Wellness :: Client Testimonials

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